Cleaning and care of Aniline leather

Aniline leather is top grain leather that is coloured all the way through with a transparent dye. It is open pore without surface coating. Liquids sink in directly and darken the surface. Some aniline leathers have a protective waterproofing.

Aniline leather has a natural, warm and soft grip. The disadvantage is the sensitivity. Aniline leather gets a typical patina with time. Spots become visible and the leather might fade with time.

Protection and care

New aniline needs a stain protection care. Depending on the type of aniline leather, three different protection products can be used: The Colourlock Aniline Cream, the Colourlock Gloss-Cream and the Colourlock Waterproofing for Leather & Textile.

For fine pore leathers, depending on the degree of gloss, we recommend Colourlock Aniline Cream and Colourlock Gloss-Cream. These products offer intensive protection against stains for fine pore aniline leather when used regularly.

Important: Only a regular treatment from the start assures a high protection against stains. Already sunken-in spots can’t be removed easily. Ask a specialist for help to avoid major damage due to improper cleaning attempts. Prevention is the best protection. To nourish old and dry aniline, treat the leather with Colourlock Aniline Protector. The Aniline Protector contains oils and UV protection to preserve the leather.

Protection for glossy aniline

A distinction is made according to the porosity (sensitivity) and the gloss level. Leather without any protective layer is particularly stain-sensitive, especially when it is light coloured. In such cases, the Colourlock Waterproofing for Leather & Textile is the first choice.

The same recommendation is true for coarse pore leather. In case of extremely sensitive aniline leather, use the Colourlock Waterproofing for Leather & Textile twice at first. Later, treat the leather, also depending on gloss grade, with Colourlock Aniline Cream or Colourlock Gloss-Cream (depending on gloss grade). With this method, you can achieve maximum impregnation. Important: Even with this double protection, aniline leather remains sensitive! The best protection for aniline leather is to handle it with utmost care.


Exposed surfaces should be treated at least every three months. Before protection treatment, clean the area carefully with Colourlock Mild Leather Cleaner. Test in a hidden area first. Ensure area is not too wet to avoid stains and rub gently. Always work from seam to seam. Ask for advice in case of difficult stains.

Refreshing the leather color

Single coloured, older, slightly faded and lightly scratched aniline leather can be refreshed with Colourlock Leather Fresh.

Prepare the surface prior to leather dye

Initially, degrease gently with Colourlock Leather Cleaning Spirit. Most big stains from skin and hair contact that are not too dark can be improved with Colourlock Fat Absorber Stain Remover.

In case of heavily stained and faded aniline leathers, cleaning and care should be carried out by a specialist. Our products for private households cannot solve such problems. Often the stains get even larger.