New Leather Cleaning & Care Kit, STRONG

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For cleaning and protection against dye transfers on furniture, jackets, handbags & protection against scuffs on car seats

- Made in Germany; treatment for lighter colored leathers as it prevents dye transfer
- A must have product for care and protection of new leather goods
- Ideal for furniture and car leather, leather garments & clothing
- Protects new leather from abrasion, wear and discoloration which is a common problem on high contact areas
- Quantity is sufficient to treat a complete car interior or a whole furniture set

COLOURLOCK Leather Shield Clean and care kit is an ideal kit to prevent color damage and dye transfer on leather due to friction on high contact areas in car interiors (side bolsters driver seat), furniture suite, settee, sofa, jackets and handbags.

It includes: - 1 x Leather Cleaner Soft/Strong 125 ml - 1 x Leather Shield 150ml - 1 x Cleaning cloth - 1 x Cleaning Sponge.

We also have a small kit which includes 1 x 30 ml Strong cleaner, 1 x 30 ml Leather Shield & 1 x cleaning sponge. Small kit does not include the cloth.

Application: Ideal for smooth leather in a car or furniture upholstery. If dirty, the leather should be cleaned thoroughly before applying Leather Shield. COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush facilitates work for heavy dirt deep in the grain(not included). New Leather should be maintained during the first 3 years with the Leather Shield. For leather items and surfaces older than 3 years we recommend using COLOURLOCK Leather Care Set with Leather Protector.

New leather needs no special care, but it does need effective protection against abrasion, wear and discoloration. For example in a new car the driver seat often has more signs of wear. Treat the driver seat every 3 months, the remaining leather seats every 6-12 months. The same applies to furniture.

Areas which are used more and are likely to get more color damage due to friction must be treated with the Leather Shield. The amount is usually sufficient to treat a complete interior or a whole set of furniture several times. Important: Do not use on porous leather. Test: Rub a drop of water on the surface. If the leather absorbs the water it is porous.

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