Stain Remover for removing Ballpoint Pen & Biro marks

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Can be used on leather furniture, car seats, handbags, clothing and garments

- Made in Germany
- Ideal for removing fresh ballpoint pen, biro and light ink marks on pigmented leather
- It might be necessary to recolour the leather after the use of this product depending on how severe the stain is
- Contains a reversible tip which makes it suitable for multiple uses
- Not suitable for use on suede

Strokes From Ballpoint Pens on Pigmentes Leather, Ballpoint pen lines on furniture and car leather occur quite often. Unfortunately, these are not always easily removable.

Please note the following: the fresher a ballpoint pen mark is, the easier it is to remove. When the ballpoint pen mark is older than three days, it is rarely possible to just clean and remove the mark. In most cases, this will have to be colored. Cleaning attempts with incorrect products often increase the damage.

Procedure: Always test first in a hidden area. Some pens lose a lot of ink. To avoid spreading the ink, glue a masking tape on top and remove several times to drain any excess ink. Next step is the use of the COLOURLOCK Ballpoint Pen Remover. Press and hold the tip until the tip gets wet. Remove the ink stains with light circular movements in a small radius and little pressure. The liquid softens the area and dissolves the ink. Always remove dissolved ink with a cloth to avoid staining of the rest and to see the achieved progress better. Also clean the tip if necessary. The tip of the pen is designed to work on both sides so if necessary remove, turn upside down and re-insert. Repeat the process and slightly increase the pressure if necessary.

Older stains can hardly be removed without damaging the color layer on the leather. In such cases, the color damage must be recolored. Ink stains that are not fresh have a tendency to penetrate back out even after the leather is recoloured. It is therefore essential to clean as thoroughly as possible prior to recolouring. It is virtually impossible to remove biro marks from suede or nubuck leathers. Similar marks on Aniline leathers will have to be coloured in most cases. It is always best to consult a specialist in such situations