Degreaser Spray, 250ml

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To remove fat grease and oil stains from leather car seats, furniture, clothing and other accessories

- Made in Germany
- Ideal for oil and grease stains on suede nubuck and other absorbent leather
- Fresh stains are easily removed. Older stains may need additional treatments
- One bottle provides multiple treatments for small stains
- All instructions included

The COLOURLOCK Degreaser or Grease Absorber Spray is a spray containing solvents and an additional white absorbent powder. It can be used on all types of leather. The solvent dissolves fats and oils, the powder soaks these up afterwards. Porous smooth leather, suede and nubuck found in car seats, sofa, settee, couch, furniture jackets and clothing etc are absorbent. All liquids including oil and fat sink into the surface and visible stains can remain. As these substances are not on the surface, but inside the leather, a normal surface cleaning cannot remove such stains. Rather there is the risk of worsening the damage.

Application: COLOURLOCK Fat Absorber Spray is a solvent based spray mixed with an absorbent powder. The containing solvent dissolves oils and fats and the powder absorbs it. The spray can be used on all types of leather. But always test before in a hidden area! Spray the Absorber Spray overlapping onto the stain and let dry completely. The remaining powder has to be vacuumed. Also a brush or a cloth can be used to remove remaining powder. This process has to be repeated until the stain is removed or no further improvement can be achieved any more.

Sometimes the spots come back through the surface after a few days because the oil was drawn deep into the leather and moved back to the surface. In such cases, repeat the process as there is a good possibility to remove stains that have been there for a long time. In case of remaining darkened areas, wait a few hours and stretch the surface to separate and open the leather fibres. Lightened areas can be darkened carefully by applying small amounts of care products. Always test before in a hidden area!

Aplicación del Absorbe-grasa Cuero.

Es aconsejable probar todos los productos por primera vez en una zona oculta para examinar posibles modificaciones.

- Pulverizar sobre las manchas de grasa y dejar que el polvo blanco seque completamente.
- Aspirar después el polvo y quitar los restos suavemente con un trapo o cepillo suave.
- Después mover el cuero con las manos para abrir los poros.
- Repetir el proceso hasta que las manchas sean eliminadas o hasta comprobar que no es posible mejorar el resultado.