Leather Fixative Water Stain Remover, 100ml / 3.38fl oz

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Helps eliminate water marks and stains from aniline leather

- Made in Germany
- Removes water stains on aniline leather
- Can be used on aniline leather in furniture, handbags, jackets and car seats
- Stains caused due to other spillages (tea, coffee, wine, etc) on aniline leather may not be removed completely but will show significant improvement
- After treatment, we recommend applying a suitable care product from our range to make the leather waterproof and protect from future stains

Penetrated stains on aniline (porous smooth leather) and suede or nubuck are not easy to remove. With water-based cleaners, the leather gets wet and in most cases the stains stay visible. Aniline Stain Remover is a special product formulated to remove water stains and other water based stains from Aniline Leather. Stains caused by spillages other than water may not be removed completely but will show a significant improvement. It is important to treat these stains as soon as possible.

Please note: This product will not remove grease, fat or oil stains. WATER MARKS ON ANILINE FURNITURE - For sensitive aniline furniture, aniline bags and aniline shoes, the treatment with Aniline Stain Remover is first choice.

Every piece of leather is different and can react differently to the same treatment. We therefore cannot guarantee the removal of water marks. However, we have achieved excellent results with this method.

Application: Always test in a hidden area. Wear gloves! Apply product with a soft cloth evenly from seam to seam (wet the area well). Don't rub too hard! Otherwise you might damage the softened surface. To speed up drying, a hair dryer (cold air!) can be used. Repeat the process until no further improvement can be achieved. A

fter drying, new leathers (visually like new and soft) should be protected intensively with COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream to avoid new stains. Older leather (visible patina) should be protected with COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver WATER MARKS ON GARMENTS (ANILINE, SUEDE, NUBUCK) - Clothing leather has the advantage that it can be completely washed. This avoids more marks being caused by local cleaning attempts. Please order COLOURLOCK Leather & Fur Wash Concentrate Kit and wash the garment as per instructions provided in the kit.