Odour Remover Spray, 250ml / 8.45fl oz

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For leather and textiles to remove the smell of mold, smoke, urine and other unpleasant odors from car interiors, furniture, clothing, carpets, rugs, etc

- Made in Germany
- Suitable for leather, textiles, fabric, carpets, upholstery, cars, furniture or clothing and garments
- Ideal for neutralising mold, urine, cigarette smoke, sweat and damp smell
- Easy to use and apply
- This is not a cleaner; this product removes smells, not stains

COLOURLOCK Odour Remover permanently removes odors such as cigarette smoke, sweat, pet odors and mold from leather, fabric and textiles.

It can be used on car seats, car interiors, furniture (sofa, settee, couch, armchairs, dining chairs, etc), jackets, coats, carpets and rugs. Leather and textiles can adopt bad smells due to very diverse reasons. New leather can sometimes carry a strong and unpleasant smell, in other cases the odors develop over time with prolonged usage of the leather. Cigarette smoke, animal smells, urine or mildew can influence the leather's scent.

Please follow below instructions. Instructions: Affected areas should be thoroughly and intensively cleaned prior to treating with COLOURLOCK Odour Remover. Spray the product evenly on the surface and spread using a dry cloth. Always test the product first in a hidden area for any changes. Important: Ensure you use a cloth to apply the product in all surfaces. Treat every nook and cranny in case of large cushions or seats.Repeat the process if necessary. Open doors and windows to allow air circulation and let in fresh air for several days.