Leather Fresh Neutral MATT, 150ml

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For a matt finish to your leather color on car seats, sofas, bags, settees and clothing

- Made in Germany
- Provide a new and uniform matt effect on glossy finishes
- Absolutely colorless and easy to use
- Perfect result by applying several thin layers with the use of a sponge
Surfaces as the shift knob and steering wheel over time become shiny. Therefore these surfaces take on a neglected aspect. Generally this difference affects the image of a well-kept car. In this cases, Leather Fresh Neutral MATT will be the solution to this problem.

This product is suitable for scuffs, small cracks on car seats, sofas, bags, settees and clothing.

Very Important: Ensure repair surface is thoroughly cleaned prior to applying Leather Fresh.

Apply the product evenly on the respective surfaces, working from seam to seam. Dry afterwards with a hair dryer. If high opacity is desirable, apply several layers and dry in-between with a hair dryer.